Dr LAW Wai On

Position :
Address :
Room 106, 1/F, Leung Kau Kui Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Educational Qualifications
  • DEd (Language teaching), Durham
  • MEd (Language teaching), Sheffield
  • MA (Translation), CUHK
  • BA (Translation), HKU
Fields of Research/Teaching

Fields of Research

  • Lexicography, translation studies; dictionary use; translator' paratexts; translation policy; translator's identity; translating process and strategies


Areas of Teaching

  • Practical translation courses: Public Relations, Mass Media, Business Translation

  • Translation Workshops, Final Year Project

  • Culture and Translation; Basic Skills of Translation


1. Journal articles

  • Law, W. (2021). ‘A portrait of literary translators from prefaces of Chinese-English works’. The AALITRA Review: A Journal of Literary Translation 16 (December 2021): 42-54. Access: No. 16 (2021) | The AALITRA Review (
  • Law Wai-on & Raymond Ng (2020): Finding the Translator’s Voice: A Study of Translators’ Prefaces to Chinese Translations of Christian Texts in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Translator, DOI: 10.1080/13556509.2020.1776198
  • (2018) A discourse analysis of editors’ prefaces of (Chinese &English) bilingual dictionaries. The 12th International Conference of the Asian Association for Lexicography: ASIALEX 2018 proceedings. Bangkok: King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkranbang (pp. 301-312).
  • 羅偉安 (2013). “香港初中中文教科書工具書教學設計初探” (“A Preliminary Investigation into the Reference Skills Training in Junior Secondary Chinese Language Textbooks in Hong Kong),《中國語文通訊》(Newsletter of Chinese Language), Vol. 92, No. 1, pp. 37 – 43.
  • Co-writer with Li Ka-leung (2011). “Mobile Phone Dictionary: Friend or Foe? A User Attitude Survey of Hong Kong Translation Students”, K. Akasu & S. Uchida (Eds.), Lexicography: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives—Papers Submitted to the Seventh ASIALEX Biennial International Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 22 - 24 August 2011, pp. 303 – 312.
  • Law, W. (2010). Translation Students’ Use of Dictionaries: A Hong Kong Case Study for Chinese to English Translation, doctoral dissertation, University of Durham, Asian EFL Journal, October.
  • (2009). “Use of Think-Aloud Protocol in Investigating the Dictionary Use Process”, The Asian Conference on Education 2009 Conference Proceedings, pp. 135 – 147.
  • ORCID account
    Wai On Law (0000-0001-5887-573X) (


2. Books

  • Co-translator with吳偉文 (2012). 《信仰你答我問》(originally Questions to All Your Answers, by R.E. Olson). Hong Kong: Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

  • Co-translator with 吳偉文、楊睿智 (2011).《復和萬有──正義、和平與醫治的基督徒願景》(originally Reconciling All Things, by E. Katongole, and C. Rice). Hong Kong: Tiendao Publishing House.

  • Co-translator with 梁啟和 (2005). “靈交密約 (一) – (四)” (originally Spiritual Encounters, by Stephen Eyre), 《校園雙月刊》(Campus Bimonthly), Vol. 47, Nos. 1 - 4, Taipei: Literature Department of Campus Evangelical Fellowship.
  • Co-translator with 余詠賢, 曾浩斌 (2004).《好男人性戰實錄:青年篇》(originally Every Young Man’s Battle, by S. Arterburn, F. Stoeker and M. Yorkey), Hong Kong: Tiendao Publishing House.
  • Translator (2000).《斯托得研經材料----帖撒羅尼迦前後書》(originally I & II Thessalonians: Living in the End Times, by J.R.W. Stott), Taipei: Campus Evangelical Fellowship.
  • Translator (1999). 《聖經信息系列----雅各書》(originally The Message of James—The Tests of Faith, by J.A. Motyer), Taipei: Campus Evangelical Fellowship.
  • Co-translator (1997). 《與衛斯理神交----生平選集》(originally Through the Year with Wesley, by J. Wesley), Taipei: the Chinese Methodist Church.
  • Co-translator with 李慧君 (1993).《抹去羞恥》(originally Recovery from Shame, by D. Ryan and J. Ryan), Hong Kong: Fellowship of Evangelical Students.
Awards and Honors
  • 2013 基督教出版聯會 (Association of Christian Publishers Ltd.) 第六屆「金書獎」「最佳翻譯 (非學術)」入圍作:《信仰你答我問》,與吳偉文合譯。香港基督徒學生福音團契。

    Conference Presentations

    • 2020: ‘The translator’s voice in and behind Chinese Christian Translations in Hong Kong and Taiwan’. Accepted for presentation at Fifth International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation 24-26 June 2020, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (cancelled)
    • 2019: ‘Translators’ prefaces of English translations of Chinese literary works: Their voices and themes’, CIUTI Conference 2019, 3 – 5 June, University of Monash, Melbourne, Australia.
    • 2018: ‘A Discourse Analysis of Editors’ Prefaces of (Chinese &English) Bilingual Dictionaries’. The 12th International Conference of the Asian Association for Lexicography, ASIALEX 2018. Krabi, 8-10 June 2018
    • 2013: ‘Junior Secondary English Language Textbooks as Resource for Dictionary Skills Training: A Hong Kong Case Study’. Biennial Conference of the Asian Association for Lexicography, ASIALEX 2013, Bali, Indonesia, 20 - 22 August 2013.
    • 2011: ‘Mobile Phone Dictionary: Friend or Foe? A User Attitude Survey of Hong Kong Translation Students’. Biennial Conference of the Asian Association for Lexicography, ASIALEX 2011, Kyoto, Japan, 22 - 24 August 2011.
    • 2009: ‘Use of Think-Aloud Protocol in Investigating the Dictionary Use Process’. The Asian Conference on Education 2009, Osaka, Japan, 24 – 25 October 2009.
Academic/Professional Service


    • Admissions Committee member
    • Chung Chi College co-ordinator
    • General Education co-ordinator
    • Industry Liaison Committee member
    • Publicity Committee member
    • Design the syllabus of a new course: Professional Development of Translators and Interpreters
    • Principal supervisor
      Development of mobile phone application software: Smart Translation Learner
      Funded by the Arts Faculty (HK$170,000)), January 2021 - May 2022
    • Principal supervisor
      Development of English & Chinese Bilingual Corpus of Practical Translation
      Special Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning by the University Grants Committee (HK$51,400), July 2021 - June 2022
    • Sample webpages: CUHK PR Corpus


    Chung Chi College

    • Chung Chi College Publication Committee member
    • Management Committee member of Liu Yi Tang


    Services (External)

    • Reviewer, Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector awarded by Research Grants Council, Hong Kong
    • Reviewer, HKU SPACE Advanced Diploma in Corporate Administration and Governance
    • Article reviewer and editor for Sage Open (2021): SAGE Open: SAGE Journals (


    Professional qualifications / membership