Dr LAW Wai On

Basic information
Areas of Teaching
Professional Qualifications
Awards and Honours
Basic Information
Position: Lecturer
Address: Room 106, 1/F, Leung Kau Kui Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
E-mail: wolaw@arts.cuhk.edu.hk
Educational Qualifications
  • DEd, University of Durham
  • MEd, University of Sheffield
  • MA, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • BA, University of Hong Kong
Fields of Research
  • Translation studies
  • Lexicography
Selected Publications
  • (2013). “香港初中中文教科書工具書教學設計初探” (“A Preliminary Investigation into the Reference Skills Training in Junior Secondary Chinese Language Textbooks in Hong Kong),《中國語文通訊》(Newsletter of Chinese Language), Vol. 92, No. 1, pp. 37 – 43 [access via: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/ics/clrc/ncl_92_1/law.pdf ].


  • Co-translator with吳偉文 (2012). 《信仰你答我問》(originally Questions to All Your Answers, by R.E. Olson). Hong Kong: Fellowship of Evangelical Students.


  • Co-translator with 吳偉文、楊睿智 (2011).《復和萬有──正義、和平與醫治的基督徒願景》(originally Reconciling All Things, by E. Katongole, and C. Rice). Hong Kong: Tiendao Publishing House.



  • Translator (2005). 《聖經信息系列----耶利米書》(originally The Message of Jeremiah, by Derek Kidner), Taipei: Literature Department of Campus Evangelical Fellowship.