1 September 2018
MATRA Academic Performance Awards 2017-18
We offer heartfelt congratulations to the following students, who have won the MA academic awards for 2017-18:
Best Academic Performance Award - HU Fu 胡茯
High Academic Performance Award - CHUNG, Fong Lam Flora 鍾芳霖
LI, Ka Man 李嘉文
ZENG, Xiaojing 曾曉婧
LAN, Suet Wah 藍雪華
The Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 1 September 2018 at LT1 Mong Man Wai Building, CUHK, with a full house of students and teachers applauding their efforts and achievements.
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01 and 02 July 2018
On 1 and 2 July, the Department hosted two AIIC Training of Trainer workshops, on Cognitive Task Analysis and Survey in MA thesis, conducted by Dor. Kilian Seeber University of Geneva. The workshops attracted professional and researchers from the region, from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Myanmmar and the UK, representing 11 universities as well as the professional practice community.
13 June 2018
2018 Summer Workshop for Research Studies at CUHK (13-15 June 2018)
04-08 June 2018
During 4-8 June, a study trip to the United Nations Office in Vienna (UNOV) for selected MA interpreting students was successfully conducted. Students put their interpreting skills to the test during meetings of three committees under the umbrella of the Conference of the State Parties (COSP) of UN Convention against Corruption. See share their experience, please go to short video produced by the students.
28 April 2018
Prizes and Awards
21 April 2018
MATRA Graduation Celebration 2018
10 March 2018
Prizes and Awards
好消息!我系碩士生謝億同學在2018年3月10日舉行的海峽兩岸口譯大賽第三屆香港地區大賽中,獲得一等獎。她將作為香港的選手之一, 代表香港賽區參加第七屆海峽兩岸口譯大賽總決賽。總決賽將在2018年4月28日與香港城市大學舉行,預祝我系同學繼續取得好成績!
13 September 2017
自創以嘴唇感應凸字的視障「唇讀女生」曾芷君,當年文憑試以3科5** 佳績獲中大翻譯系取錄。如今她已大學畢業,並獲中大新亞書院首屆「越障海外研究生獎學金」,將赴笈英國深造。詳見明報新聞網
04 September 2017
香港中文大學翻譯系 何煒筠 畢業生的參賽作品〈細看〉榮獲第二屆「文學中大」徵文比賽公開組優異獎,詳見「文學中大」Facebook 專頁。
02 September 2017
MATRA Academic Performance Awards 2016-17
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01 September 2017
Departmental Retreat
(From left) Dr. Law Wai On, Prof. Duncan James Poupard, Prof. Chen I-Hsin, Prof. Wei Ling-chia, Prof. James St André, Prof. Ye Jia, Prof. Wong Wang Chi, Prof. Kwong Oi Yee, Ms. Chu Shiao Ying, Ms. Jaing Hong and Dr. Wang Yan.
27 June 2017
2nd Summer Workshop for Research Studies in Translation at CUHK (26-30 June 2017)
29 April 2017
MATRA Graduation Celebration 2017
16 May 2016
UG College Photo Day 2016
11 May 2016
MATRA & MACAT Graduation Celebration 2016
05 May 2016
Mok Hing Cheong Postgraduate Scholarship (2016)
Awardee: Mr. Siu Sai Yau (蕭世友先生)
  PhD student, Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
07 April 2016
Prizes and Awards
Sixth Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest
第六屆海峽兩岸口譯大賽 (普通話/英語)
Tracy Tse Yat Tung 謝軼同 TRA/BA/4 - First Prize (Regional Final in Hong Kong)
- Second Prize (Final in Taiwan)
Guo Likang 郭立慷 TRA/MA/1 - Second Prize (Regional Final in Hong Kong)
Tracy Tse Yat Tung, 謝軼同, a final year UG student in the Department of Translation at CUHK, participated in the final round of the Sixth Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest held in Taiwan on April 2. She made her way into the top ten and won the Second Prize, which is the best performance ever by a Hong Kong contestant. The Sixth Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest drew over two thousand constants from over two hundred universities across Mailand China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Congratulations also to our MA student, Guo Liking 郭立慷, who took Second Prize in the Regional Final contest here in Hong Kong.
12 March 2016
Prizes and Awards
The following students won prizes at the Sixth Cross-strait Interpreting Contest (Hong Kong Regional Final) held on 12 March 2016. Congratulations!
Tracy Tse Yat Tung 謝軼同 TRA/BA/4 First Prize
Guo Likang 郭立慷 TRA/MA/1 Second Prize
02 April 2016
High Table Dinner 2016
24 February 2016
Chinese New Year Feast 2016
21 January 2016
Translation Society Inauguration Ceremony 2016
05 September 2015
MATRA Best Academic Performance Award 2014-15
Presentation Ceremony
25 April 2015
MATRA Graduation Celebration 2014-15
24 April 2015
MACAT Conference & Graduation Dinner 2015
30 August 2014
MATRA Best Academic Performance Award 2013-14
Presentation Ceremony
04 December 2014
MACAT Graduation Gathering 2014