Volume 11, Number 1 - 2008

  Plaidoyer pour une réflexion sur la dimension ontologique du traduire poétique 1
  Florence Lautel-Ribstein  
  艾米.羅厄爾漢詩英譯藝術探析 51
  Scientific Transfer through Translation – A Corpus-Based Study of Terminological Strategies in the Times of Franz Joseph of Austria 75
  Špela Vintar  
  從多元系統論的角度看傳雷的翻譯家名聲 89
  翻譯文學與女權話語的建構-鮑西婭形象在二十世紀初葉中國的翻譯與重構 105
  Collocational Clashes in English and Persian Translations: Problems of Translation of Collocations in English and Persian – Suggestions and Implications for Translators and Teachers 133
  Giti Karimkhanlui  
  Notes on Contributors 153
  Notice to Contributors 156