Volume 10, Number 1 - 2007

  The Changing Position of "the Translator" in Research and in Practice 1
  Riitta Jääskeläinen  
  Processes and Mechanisms of Bilingual Control: Insights from Monolingual Task Performance Extended to Simultaneous Interpretation 17
  Annette M. B. de Groot, Ingrid K. Christoffels  
  Monologue vs. Dialogue Verbal Reporting: Research Subjects' Perceptions 43
  Li Defeng, Maria Cheng  
  Cognitive Effort and Contextual Effect in Translation: A Relevance-theoretic Approach 57
  Fabio Alves  
  A Fresh Cognitive Perspective to Horizontal Translation 77
  Yuanjian He  
  Cultural Diaspora and Foreignising Translation 91
  Sun Yifeng  
  Taking a Technological Turn: The Making of A Dictionary of Translation Technology 113
  Chan Sin-wai  
  The Status of Scientific Translation 131
  Maeve Olohan  
  Some Remarks on Translation and Interpreting Services in South Africa 145
  Dominique Ngoy Mwepu  
  Book Review
  An Inquiry of Many Turns? 165
  Yuanjian He  
  Notes on Contributors 171
  Notice to Contributors 175