Volume 9, Number 1 - 2006

  Guest Editor's Notes iii
  Translation Without Translator: A Social Systems Perspective 1
  Theo Hermans  
  The Deliberate Practice: Translation and Expertise 27
  Gregory M. Shreve  
  Corpus-based Translation Studies: A Quantitative or Qualitative Development? 43
  Dorothy Kenny  
  Translating for Communicative Purposes across Cultural Boundaries 59
  Christiane Nord  
  Rethinking the Relationship between Text and Context in Translation 77
  Juliane House  
  Translation Theory: Monolingual, Bilingual or Multilingual? 105
  Edwin Gentzler  
  The Translator in the Plot of Cultural Theory: Amitav Ghosh's The Hungry Tide 125
  Sherry Simon  
  Notes on Contributors 145
  Notice to Contributors 149