Issue 8 - December 2003

  胡適與英詩翻譯 1
  文學革命與翻譯:從多元系統理論看《新青年》的翻譯 21
  英譯《紅樓夢》幽默話語翻譯的語用推理 39
  Register Analysis for Translation Evaluation: A Theory in Point 51
  LIU Zequan  
  Striving for Accuracy: The Rendition of Plant Names in Bilingual Dictionary 75
  Jerome Cheng-lung SU  
  Compilation of English-Chinese Dictionaries: The User's Perspective 91
  LI Defeng  
  To Design an English-Chinese Dictionary of Legal Rules, Principles, and Ratio Decidendi 117
  LEE Yuk Ming  
  An English-Cantonese Dictionary Arranged by Semantic Areas 137
  Robert S. BAUER