Issue 7 - July 2002

  Source-text Acting as Stimuli: A Text-processing Account for Translational Contrasts 1
  HE Yuanjian  
  Intercultural Semiosis: Corporeal Semantics and Translation (Chinese-English) 17
  Horst RUTHROF, SONG Xianlin  
  An Evaluation of Traditional English-Chinese Translation Criteria for Internet-related Technological Terms: A Study Using Multivariate Analysis 45
  LI Shu  
  Translation Dictionaries and Bilingual Dictionaries -- Two Different Concepts 59
  Sven TARP  
  Producing Dictionaries Using Semantic Domains 85
  Ronald MOE  
  「他者」與「我者」的對話──漢詩英譯過程中的審美感應 95
  新聞編譯的原則與策略 113
  Book Review: Language Processing and Simultaneous Interpreting, edited by Birgitta Englund Dimitrova and Kenneth Hyltenstam 135
  David MAK Lai-woon