Issue 6 - December 2001

  新月社翻譯思想研究 1
  多語文本與翻譯 23
  求同存異──從跨文化角度看喻語的翻譯 39
  國際新聞編譯方法探索 47
  The Internet and Other IT Resources: Tools for Translators within a Translation Programme 61
  Beverly ADAB  
  Computer Technology and Translation -- Friends or Foes? 87
  Carrie CHAU Kam Hung, Irene IP Kwok Chun  
  Terminological Problems and Language Management for Internet Language Professionals in Hong Kong 95
  Charlotte TO, Bjorn JERNUDD  
  Machine Translation and the Death of the Translator in the Technological Age 111
  Paris LAU Chi-chuen  
  The Future of Drama Translation Research: A Review of Sirkku Aaltonen's Time-Sharing on Stage: Drama Translation in Theatre and Society 117
  Gilbert C. F. Fong