Volume 1, Numbers 1 - 2015

  A Corpus-based Comparative Study on the Chinese-English Translation of The Report on the Work of the Government via a Comparison with The State of the Union Address 1
  Duoxiu QIAN and Ming LI  
  Automated Pre-editing and Post-editing: A Hybrid Approach to the Computerized Translation of Initial Public Offering (IPO) Prospectuses 25
  SIU Sai-cheong  
  Technology Mashup for Translation—MT, CAT, and Web 2.0: New Trends in Translation Tools and Website Localization 47
  Ian Castor CHOW  
  Technology Advancement and Patent Translation 63
  Yvonne TSAI  
  CAT的演進與中國CAT教學研究發展 83
  Toward an Ontology of Translation: Of Existentialist Angst, Language, and Linguistic Hospitality 111
  Notes on Contributors 125
  Notice to Contributors 127