New Series, Volume 1, Number 1 (June 2017)

  Preface 1
  Lawrence Wang-chi Wong and James St. André  
  Introduction 3
  Bernhard Fuehrer  
  Joining the Spiritual World of Confucianism: The Jesuit Translation of the Zhongyong 7
  Thierry Meynard  
  Hellenic Shadows on the China Coast: Greek Terms for “Foreigner” and “Religion” in Early Anglophone Missionary Sinology 58
  T. H. Barrett  
  “We are as babies under nurses”: Thomas Manning (1772–1840) and Sino-British Relations in the Early Nineteenth Century 85
  Lawrence Wang-chi Wong  
  Carstairs Douglas (1830–1877) and his Chinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular or Spoken Language of Amoy (1873) 137
  Niki Alsford and Bernhard Fuehrer  
  War of Translation, Treaty of Nanking, and Diplomatic Deception: Sir George Staunton and the Birth of Two Early Chinese Programs at the University of London 183
  Uganda Sze-Pui Kwan  
  Albert Terrien de Lacouperie’s (1845–1894) Translation of the Yijing, and the Debates in Europe and Asia over the “Western Origins of Chinese Civilization” 207
  Richard J. Smith  
  Notes on Contributors 241
  Notice to Contributors 243