New Series, Volume 1, Number 2 (December 2017)

  「直譯」詞源考——兼論「直譯」在古漢語中的語義演變 1
  陶磊 (Lei Tao)  
  Children of the Revolution: Conservative Reform in Zeng Pu's Translation of Victor Hugo's Ninety-Three 31
  Robert Moore  
  Relay Translation of Feminism in China: An Intralingual Case Poetry 47
  Zhongli Yu  
  Translating Cities: W. H. Auden and 1940s Chinese Metropolis Poetry 75
  Qiang Zhang  
  Book Reviews
  Representing Empire: Japanese Colonial Literature in Taiwan and Manchuria. By Ying Xiong 99
  Aragorn Quinn  
  The Emergence of the Modern Sino-Japanese Lexicon: Seven Studies. By Joshua A. Fogel 103
  Ruselle Meade  
  The Completion of a Poem: Letters to Young Poets. By Yang Mu. Trans. Lisa Lai-ming Wong 109
  Huiwen Shi  
  Conference Interpreting: A Trainer's Guide. By Robin Setton 115
  Hong Jiang  
  Notes on Contributors 119
  Notice to Contributors 121