New Series, Volume 2, Number 2 (December 2018)

  In the Light and Shadow of the Dao—Two Figurists, Two Intellectual Webs 1
  Sophie Ling-chia Wei  
  The Translator as Innovative Sino-Christian Universal Thinker: James Legge’s Dialogue with Zhu Xi in his Confucian Analects 23
  I-Hsin Chen  
  Representing Taiwanese People’s Postcolonial Identities: A Cross-Textual Study on the Translations of Orphan of Asia 51
  Leo Li-You Chang and Tian Luo  
  隱形的權力──以周作人在《小說月報》上的翻譯為中心 81
  陳佳(Jia Chen)  
  文學審查的雙重贊助功能:《金瓶梅》性描寫英譯研究 101
  齊林濤(Lintao Qi)  
  Book Reviews
  Translating Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China. By C. Pierce Salguero 117
  Robert Neather  
  Key Cultural Texts in Translation. Edited by Kirsten Malmkjær, Adriana Şerban, and Fransiska Louwagie 122
  Min Zhou  
  Dictionary of Metaphors in Translation and Interpreting Studies. English-Persian. By Vorya Dastyar 126
  James St. André  
  Translation and Travelling Theory: Feminist Theory and Praxis in China. By Dongchao Min 129
  Zhongli Yu  
  Notes on Contributors 137
  Notice to Contributors 141