Bachelor of Arts

Applicable to students admitted in 2018-19

Major Programme Requirement

Students are required to complete a minimum of 69 units of courses as follows:
1. Faculty Package: 9 Units
  Any 3 courses from:  
  ANTH1020, ARTS1003, CHLL1900/1902, CUMT1000, CURE1000, 1110, ENGE1000, FAAS1900, HIST1000, JASP1090, LING1000, MUSC1000, PHIL1110, THEO1000  
2. Required Courses:  
(a) TRAN1010, 1030, 2070 9 Units
(b) TRAN4510, 4520, 4900 (Choose any 2) [a] 6 Units
2. Elective Courses: 45 Units
  Students are required to complete 45 units of elective courses from the following lists of courses, including at least one course from each of Electives Cluster A and Electives Cluster B:  
(a) Electives Cluster A (Translation Studies)  
  TRAN3080, 3720, 4070, 4120, 4210  
(b) Electives Cluster B (Interpreting)  
  TRAN3040, 3050, 3140, 3150, 3240, 4050  
(c) Other electives  
  TRAN1120, 1130, 2020, 2050, 2110, 2120, 2130, 2610, 2840, 3170, 3180, 3270, 3280, 3620, 3800, 3810, 3820, 3830, 3844, 3845, 3850, 3860, 3870, 3880, 3890, 4840 and unselected courses from Clusters A and B.  
  Total: 69 units
Explanatory Notes:
1. TRAN courses at 2000 and above level will be included in the calculation of Major GPA for honours classification.
2. Translation Major students are expected to be proficient in both English and Chinese. Students may therefore wish to consider taking courses that emphasize writing and speaking skills as part of their free electives, on top of the major programme requirement. Listed below are courses for reference:
Course for writing skills in Chinese
  • • CHLL3403 Creative Writing
Course for oral expression skills in Cantonese
  • • CHLT1302 Oral Communication Skills
Courses for oral expression skills in Putonghua
  • • CLCP3703 Advanced Putonghua
  • • CLCP4713 Current Affairs and Discussion
  • • CCLCP4723 Academic Presentation and Discussion
Courses for writing skills in English
  • • ENGE3260 Creative Writing
  • • ELTU3413 Research Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Courses for oral expression skills in English
  • • ENGE2100 Research and Oral Reporting
  • • ELTU3502 Essentials of Public Speaking
[a] For those students who have chosen TRAN4900 Translation Thesis, the target language of their translation projects for TRAN4510/4520 should be different from the language used in writing thesis (e.g. if the student writes the TRAN4900 thesis in English, s/he must take TRAN4510 Translation Project: English-Chinese for Final Year Project).
Note on Double Major LIN-TRA:
1. Translation Major student who pursues a second Major in Linguistics can be exempted from taking LING2302 and 3401 by taking TRAN2110 and 2610 respectively. Units earned can be counted towards both Major Programmes.

Recommended Course Pattern

1. Upon conversion to the new curriculum in 2010, the typical load for each term should be 15 units (as a matter of advice) and the maximum load should be 18 units (as a matter of regulation).
2. Sufficient units should be allowed in each term for students to fulfill the University Core Requirements, which include: (i) 6 units of Chinese; (ii) 9 units of English; (iii) 1 unit of IT; (iv) 21 units of General Education; and (v) 2 units of Physical Education, as already listed in the template below.
3. Programmes with different streams/concentrations are required to provide the recommended pattern for each stream/concentration.
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Minor Programme Requirement

Students are required to complete a minimum of 21 units of courses as follows:
(i) Required courses: 6 units
  TRAN1010, 1030  
(ii) Elective courses: 15 units
  Any 5 TRAN courses, with at least 6 units of courses at 3000 or above level  
  Total: 21 units

Course List

Code Course Title Units Remarks Outline
TRAN1000 Translation: Practices and Challenges 3 Elective Outline
TRAN1010 Principles of Translation 3 Required TRAN1010A
TRAN1030 Introduction to Interpreting 3 Required TRAN1030A
TRAN1120 Basic Skills of Translation 3 Elective TRAN1120A
TRAN1130 Textual Analysis and Readings 3 Elective Outline
TRAN2020 Writing Skills and Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN2050 Lexicography and Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN2070 Introduction to Translation Studies 3 Required Outline
TRAN2110 Culture and Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN2120 History of Translation 3 Elective  
TRAN2130 Language Studies for Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN2610 Introduction to Computer-aided Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN2840 Introduction to Legal Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3040 Consecutive Interpreting: Putonghua-English 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3050 Consecutive Interpreting: Cantonese-English 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3080 Research Methodology in Translation Studies 3 Elective  
TRAN3140 Simultaneous Interpreting: Putonghua-English 3 Elective  
TRAN3150 Simultaneous Interpreting: Cantonese-English 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3170 Literary Translation Strategies: Chinese-English 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3180 Genres in Literary Translation: Chinese-English 3 Elective  
TRAN3240 Court Interpreting 3 Elective  
TRAN3270 Literary Translation Strategies: English-Chinese 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3280 Genres in Literary Translation: English-Chinese 3 Elective  
TRAN3620 Machine Translation 3 Elective  
TRAN3720 Special Topics in Translation 3 Elective  
TRAN3800 Arts Translation 3 Elective  
TRAN3810 Government and Public Affairs Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3820 Commercial Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3830 Mass Media Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3844 Translation of Legal Documents in Judicial Procedure 3 Elective  
TRAN3845 Translation of General Legal Documents 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3850 Science and Technology Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3860 Film and Television Subtitles Translation 3 Elective Outline
TRAN3870 Translation of Texts in the Social Sciences 3 Elective  
TRAN3880 Public Relations Translation 3 Elective  
TRAN3890 Financial Translation 3 Elective  
TRAN4050 Advanced Interpreting 3 Elective  
TRAN4070 Advanced Translation Studies 3 Elective Outline
TRAN4120 Studies in Chinese Translation History 3 Elective  
TRAN4210 Translation Criticism 3 Elective Outline
TRAN4510 Translation Project: English-Chinese 3 Required  
TRAN4520 Translation Project: Chinese-English 3 Required  
TRAN4840 Advanced Legal Translation 3 Elective  
TRAN4900 Translation Thesis 3 Elective