Volume 13, Numbers 1 & 2
  Introduction v
  PART 1: Practical Experience in Teaching Computer-Aided Translation
  Teaching Localization via E-learning: Developing and Delivering an E-course on Software Localization at Imperial College London 3
  Mark Shuttleworth  
  Pedagogical Reflections on Computer-Aided Translation as a Course 13
  Qian Duoxiu  
  PART 2: Systems and Facilities for Computer-Aided Translation Teaching
  Machine Translation: A Concise History 29
  John Hutchins  
  Teaching Translation Memory Systems: SDL Trados 2007 71
  Hari Venkatesan  
  A New Curriculum for the Teaching of Translation Technology: The Teaching of a Translation Project Course as a Case Study 83
  Chan Sin-wai  
  A User-Adaptive Framework for Computer-Aided Translation System 155
  Sun Le  
  Developing CAT Tools for Translating Chinese Scientific Monographs 165
  Chang Baobao, Kang Byeong-kwu, and Yu Shiwen  
  PCT: Portuguese–Chinese Machine Translation Systems 181
  Wong Fai and Chao Sam  
  PART 3: Curriculum and Course Design for Computer-Aided Translation
  Toward a Model of Active and Situated Learning in the Teaching of Computer-Aided Translation: Introducing the CERTT Project 199
  Lynne Bowker and Elizabeth Marshman  
  CAT Projects in Curriculum: Developing Classroom Skills for the Real World 227
  Wu Daming  
  A Proposed Strategy for Computer-Aided Translation Education: A Brief Summary for the Teaching Practice of the CAT Master's Program at Peking University 237
  Yu Jingsong and Wang Huashu  
  The Course Design of CAT for Undergraduate English Majors of Sun Yat-sen University 251
  Luo Xuejuan  
  PART 4: The Future of Computer-Aided Translation Teaching
  Translation Training 2010: Forward Thinking, Work Ready 275
  Ignacio Garcia  
  When Translation Technology Meets Educational Technology: The Way Forward for Teaching Computer-Aided Translation 283
  Susan Xu Yun  
  Notes on Contributors 305
  Notice to Contributors 311