Research Students
Ms. LI Jiawei

Position :
PhD Student

Address :
Room 107, 1/F, Leung Kau Kui Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

E-mail :
Educational Qualifications
  • B.A. Sichuan University
  • M.A. University College London
  • M.Phil. The University of Hong Kong
  • Ph.D. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (in progress)
Fields of Research/Teaching
  • Translation Studies (in particular translation history in modern China)
  • Drama and Theatre Studies
Research Statement

My research interests lie primarily in translation history, particularly the cross-cultural dialogue between Chinese and Western drama traditions.


My current project focuses on the theatrical activities of the Chinese drama educationist and theorist Yu Shangyuan (1897-1970). Between 1922, when his first article appeared on Beijing Chenbao, and 1927, when he left Beijing for Shanghai, Yu Shangyuan published more than seventy articles on almost all facets of drama, such as dramatic literature, playwriting, stage setting, directing, and acting. My research shows that more than fifty of them were unmarked translations rendered from foreign texts. Therefore, translation played a crucial role in Yu Shangyuan’s knowledge production. By taking the unmarked translations into account, this study seeks to reconstruct Yu Shangyuan’s theatrical activities before 1927. With Yu Shangyuan’s early activities as a case in point, the present study attempts to cast light on the cross-cultural dialogue between Chinese and Western drama in early modern China.

  • 〈高臨民眾的上頭—— 辛酉劇社《狗底跳舞》的翻譯與演出〉,《翻譯學報》(2019/12),33-58
Awards and Honors
  • ICS Mok Hing Cheong Postgraduate Scholarship Award, 2020/2021
    • “The Author as the Autonomous Creator in Self-translation: Eileen Chang as a Case in Point.” Translation and Interpreting Forum, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 2017.
    • “Translation and Patronage: Liang Shiqiu’s Translation of The Complete Works of Shakespeare.” The Second Graduate Forum of the College of International and Social Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University, Taibei, 2017.
    • “Translation and Theatre Performance: The Case of Xinyou Drama Group.” New Trends and Topics in Chinese Language Studies, Hong Kong, 2018.
    • “High Above the People: Zhu Rangcheng’s Translation and Stage of The Waltz of the Dogs.” The 1st Forum on Chinese Translation History, Xuzhou, China, 2018.
    • “Bridging the Old and The New: Yu Shangyuan’s Translation of The Makropoulos Secret.” Translation Research and Teaching Forum, Wuhan, China, 2019.