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I. History
The Department of Translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong was the first institution of its kind in the territory.
It started life in 1972 with a minor programme and some elective courses for various other departments of the University.
The following years saw its steady expansion, and in 1984 the Department became the first institution in Asia to establish a Master of Arts degree programme in Translation (two-year part-time).
A decade later, in 1994, to meet the increasing need for translation in the greater China region, the Department expanded once more, this time with a Major Programme in Translation, in addition to the original Minor and Graduate programmes.
In 2002, we entered a new era of translation education by establishing the world's first Master of Arts in Computer-aided Translation. In this programme, students learn computer applications to translation, including the use and design of specialized translation software. The programme admitted the last cohort of students in 2014.
II. Department Logo
The logo was written by Prof. Tay Lian-soo (鄭良樹教授) of the Chinese Department, a calligraphist, when the offices in the Humanities Building were renovated in 1998.
III. People
A. Department Heads
  • Professor Phillip Sun Sat Yee (1972-1973, 1977, 1983-1985)


  • Mr. Yao Pak-chun (1973-75)


  • Professor Serena Jin Sheng Hwa (1976, 1981-1982, 1987-1988, 1993-1997)


  • Professor Yu Kwang Chung, Leader of the Translation Team (1978-80)


  • Dr Ng Mau-sang (1986)


  • Professor David E. Pollard (1989-1992)


  • Professor Gilbert C.F. Fong (2004-2006)


  • Professor Laurence Wong Kwok Pun (2007-2010)


  • Professor Chan Sin-wai (1998-2003, 2010-2012)


  • Professor Wong Wang Chi, Lawrence (2013-2020)


  • Professor Prof James ST. ANDRÉ (2020-Present)


[1978-1980 Translation became a section under the Department of Chinese Language and Literature.]
B. Selected Former Faculty Members
  • Dr. John Michael Minford was appointed lecturer from 1984-86 and professor during 2011-13 in our department.


  • Mr. Cheng Yang-ping (left) and Dr. David Mak Lai Woon (right) were part-time lecturers at our department in 1998.



C. Visiting Scholars
  • Prof. Lawrence Venuti, Prof. Peter Newmark, Prof. Goran Malmqvist


  • Prof. Lin Wen-yueh

    Prof Lin Wen-yueh delivered a public lecture, co-organized by New Asia College and the Department of Translation, at CUHK in 1994.


  • Mr. Yang Xianyi

    Translator Yang Xianyi visited New Asia College by the New Asia S. Y. Chung Visiting Fellows Programme and delivered several lectures at the department.


  • Mr. Frederick Tsai

    In the same year, renowned translator Frederick Tsai visited the department and hosted a lecture.


  • To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, the Department of Translation held the “Seminar on Translation Theory” on 9 April 1997. The main speakers were Dr Eugene Nida, Dr Peter Newmark and Dr Wolfram Wilss.

    A group photo taken after the Opening Ceremony.


  • Prof. Yang Cheng-shu of Taiwan visited the department in 1998.


  • Professor Peter Newmark and Professor Nils Goran Malmqvist visited our Department in December 1998.


  • Professor Fu Aiping of the Institute of Linguistics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was invited by the Faculty of Arts under the “Distinguished Humanities Scholars Visiting Scheme” to be a visiting professor at our Department from October to November in 1999.


  • Prof. Theo Hermans

    Professor Theo Hermans was invited by the Faculty of Arts to visit our Department under the “Distinguished Humanities Scholars Visiting Scheme” during 13 March to 16 April 2000, and delivered a series of lectures on foreign translation history.


  • Prof. John Minford

    Professor John Minford, our former colleague and former Chair Professor in Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, visited our Department in April 2000 and delivered two lectures on the translation of The Story of the Stone.


  • Prof. Xu Yuanchong

    The Wilson T.S. Wang – New Method College Visiting Professor in Language Education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000-2001 was Professor Xu Yuanchong of Peking University.


  • Dr. Gao Xingjian

    The Nobel laureate visited our Department on 30 November 2000, and shared his experience with our teachers and students in his lecture titled “Gao Xinjian Talks about Translation”.


  • Prof. Zhang Boran

    The Wilson T.S. Wang – New Method College Visiting Professor in Language Education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2001-2002 was Professor Zhang Boran, professor of School of Foreign Studies and director of the Bilingual Dictionary Research Centre of Nanjing University.