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Message from HoD


Welcome to the Department of Translation’s website!


Also, welcome back to our beautiful campus! All of the staff are excited to be back on campus and in the classroom this year, and we hope that our students are as well.


Today, as we enter the third year of the pandemic, we continue to face the unprecedented challenge of delivering high quality education in a safe and effective manner. I wish to assure both staff and students that your safety comes first. We are working hard to ensure that all safety procedures as recommended by the university emergency committee are implemented in full, and will try to err on the side of caution.


Moving back into the classroom after the severe outbreak of last spring and a semester of remote learning may be exciting for some but potentially frightening for others, especially given the continued circulation of Covid-19 among the population. Please be assured that both the university’s central administration and our department are working hard to make the experience the best and safest possible. We have supplies such as hand sanitizer, remote-sensing thermometers, and spare masks. For lab-based courses (translation technology and interpreting), special arrangements are in place, including dividers, disposable covers for microphones and earphones, as well as sanitizing wipes for computers and interpreting equipment.


Although attendance in person is now expected, we will also make sure that material is available online wherever possible (recordings of lectures, reading materials, et cetera) for those who may not be able to attend on any given day. We are also ready to pivot back to online learning in the case of an outbreak.


There are bound to be problems along the way, and I therefore ask for your forbearance in the face of technological glitches, long lines at bus stops, or other issues. Please do contact us if you spot a problem or have a suggestion for improvement.


As the government gradually lifts restrictions, such as quarantine upon arrival, we look forward to opening up again to the outside world. This includes plans now being formed for academic visitors, workshops, and conferences. We also hope that more of our students will be able to take advantage of study abroad opportunities.


Finally, please stay safe, get vaccinated and boosted if you have not already done so, continue to practice social distancing, and observe good hygiene.