News and Events
[8, Apr. 2022] Professional Talk Series - Alumni Sharing
Speakers: Ms. Ziwei Chen, Ms. Flora Chung, Ms. Yi Xie
[30, Mar. 2022] Professional Talk Series - Game Localization - What is it, how do you get in, and what's in it for you
Speaker: Mr. Xie Zhiwei
[21, Feb. 2022] Professional Talk Series - Interpreting the Security Council
Speaker: Mr. Chen JI
[18, Feb. 2022] Professional Talk Series - What does a PR person do?
Speaker: Ms. Sabrina Lai
[10, Feb. 2022] Yau Shing Yue Lecture in Translation - Distance Interpreting
Speaker: Prof. Kilian Seeber
[11, Jan. 2022] Professional Talk Series - I and the UNFCCC
Speaker: Mr. Zhengren Li
[8, Oct. 2021] Professional Talk Series - How is the image of interpreters represented by Chinese media?
by Prof. Binhua Wang
[10, Sep. 2021] Professional Talk Series - Passion for Being There: Thoughts on News Interpreting
by Prof. Chikako Tsuruta
[15, Apr. 2021] Public Lecture - NAATI and the development of the T&I Profession
Speaker: Mr. Mark Painting, Chief Executive Officer, NAATI
Host: Ms. Hong JIANG, Senior Lecturer, CUHK
Moderator: Mr. Charles Qin, AIIC/NAATI Conference Interpreter
[19, Mar. 2021] 專業講座系列 - 不忘初心 方得始終
[4, Mar. 2021] Yau Shing Yue Lecture in Translation - Transculturality in Translation: Paradox of Self and Other
By Prof. Peng Hsiao-yen
[5, Mar. 2021] Professional Talk Series - The Role of the Financial PR Professional
By Mr. Thomas Chan
[26, Feb. 2021] Professional Talk Series - Developing a Professional Translator's Career in Europe
By Kelvin Wong & Christiana Choi
[6, Dec. 2020] Professional Talk Series - Interpretation into B: How to Train for It and Improve Performance
By Prof. Laura Burian
[13, Nov. 2020] 專業講座 - 留學歐洲後:我眼中的法國不浪漫但前衛
By Ms. Stella
[24, Oct. 2020] 專業講座 - 職業挑戰與樂趣:聯合國的同聲傳譯
[16, Oct. 2020] Professional Talk Series - The Path of Translation
by Ms. Susan Su
[17, Apr. 2020] Professional Talk Series - Remote Simultaneous Interpreting
by Ms. Maha El-Mettwally
[CANCELLED] [21, Nov. 2019] Professional Talk Series - What do you want to know in Court Interpretation
by Mr. Tsang Man Sang
[14, Nov. 2019] Public Lecture - The Ethics and Ideology of Translation Studies. Using Eco-translatology as a Case Study
by CCK-APC Visiting Scholar 2019 (Dr. Paolo Magagnin)
[5, Mar. 2019] 公開講座 — 近代書寫語言的形成︰文之類別與二字詞
[21, Feb. 2019] 丘成瑤翻譯講座︰陳力衛教授
[30, Jan. 2019] Professional Talk Series - Digital Toolkit for Interpreters
[16, Nov. 2018] Professional Talk Series - Current Trends and Opportunities in the Localization / Translation Business
[9, Nov. 2018] Professional Talk Series - Career Development as a Young Professional Interpreter
[26, Apr. 2018] Public Lecture - Comparable Corpora and Translation
[26, Mar. 2018] Professional Talk Series - Career Development as a Young Professional Interpreter
[13, Mar. 2018] Professional Talk Series - My Life as a Simultaneous Interpreter
[24, Jan. 2018] Public Lecture - Interpreters at the British war crimes trials against the Japanese in Hong Kong
[26, Oct. 2017] Public Lecture - Translating Modern Media Concepts in Late Qing China
[18, Sep. 2017] Public Lecture - The United Nations Training Programme for Translators and Interpreters