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Past Projects


Database of Studies in Chinese Translation History

The project aims to compile a comprehensive searchable database of studies in Chinese Translation History. It collects journal articles, book chapters, books and dissertations on topics in the translation history of China from ancient times to the contemporary. It will facilitate researchers of Chinese translation history to identify meaningful research topics and get acquainted with the research background. The database will be efficiently searchable, by the authors, keywords, journal and book titles, years of publications, and types of publications. Further, a link would be established to either a PDF copy of the work (if copyright issue is sorted out) or to the website where the work is available or belongs to.

This is an ongoing project started in 2013 and supported by the RCT Programme Research Fund at the Research Centre for Translation, CUHK. At the moment, several thousand entries have already been collected as Access files. By bringing the project to the Department to make it a joint-project, it can be undertaken more effectively. The deliverable will be a searchable database attached to both the websites of the Department and the Centre.