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Volume 5, Number 2 (December 2021)
  「耶」「佛」之間的碰撞與融合:李提摩太《大乘起信論》英譯研究 1
  楊靖(Jing Yang)  
  文學眼光:李思達(Alfred Lister, 1842–1890)及其中國文學翻譯 23
  季凌婕(Lingjie Ji)  
  From a Gods and Spirits Story to Socialist Realist Children’s Literature: The Wizard of Oz in China (1920s–1970s) 53
  Qilin Cao  
  The Cognitive Turn in Metaphor Translation Studies: A Critical Overview 83
  Wenjie Hong and Caroline Rossi  
  Book Reviews
  Genetic Translation Studies. Conflict and Collaboration in Liminal Spaces. Edited by Ariadne Nunes, Joana Moura, and Marta Pacheco Pinto 117
  Chiara Montini  
  Indigenous Cultural Translation: A Thick Description of Seediq Bale. By Darryl Sterk 120
  Arthur Holmer  
  Institutional Translation and Interpreting: Assessing Practices and Managing for Quality. Edited by Fernando Prieto Ramos 128
  Yuxia Gao and Riccardo Moratto  
  Notes on Contributors 133
  Notice to Contributors 137
  Ethics Statements 145