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Volume 6, Number 2 (December 2022)
  讓劇本「登場」:民眾戲劇社對外國戲劇知識的譯介 1
  陳媛媛(Yuanyuan Chen  
  馬若瑟與《詩經》 35
  李奭學(Sher-shiueh Li  
  「もののあはれ」意譯考 71
  黃佳慧(Chia-hui Huang  
  Translation as the Imperial Gaze: The Macau News (1839–1840) 99
  Qilin Cao  
  Remolding Aesthetic Paradigm for Chinese Theater: Yu Shangyuan’s Qinxian Articles and the American New Stagecraft Movement 131
  Barbara Jiawei Li  
  Bing Xin as the Most Renowned Chinese Translator of Rabindranath Tagore: A Sociological Perspective 167
  Xiaoqing Liu  
  Book Reviews
  Translation of Contemporary Taiwan Literature in a Cross-Cultural Context: A Translation Studies Perspective. By Szu-wen Kung 209
  Issac Yue  
  An American Pioneer of Chinese Studies in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Benjamin Bowen Carter as an Agent of Global Knowledge. By Man-shun Yeung 212
  Siyang Shuai  
  Notes on Contributors 217
  Notice to Contributors 221
  Ethics Statements 229