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News and Events
CUHK ARTS Souvenir Graphic Design Competition 2021
As face-to-face teaching resumes, the Faculty is going to organize various events in the year.
With the objectives of cultivating students’ creativity and strengthening the sense of belonging and commitment to the Faculty, the first activity will be the CUHK ARTS Souvenir Graphic Design Competition 2021. The winning entry may be adopted in the production of Faculty souvenirs, e.g. file, laptop sleeve, tote bag.
A selection panel will be formed for judging all entries in the preliminary round. Below are the selection criteria:
- Relevance to the theme (25%)
- Originality and creativity (25%)
- Aesthetic quality (25%)
- Practical functionality (25%)
The 10 highest scoring entries in the Preliminary round will be uploaded to Faculty Website for Faculty members and students’ voting in the Final round. Prizes will be given to the top 5 of the artworks:
Champion: HK$3,000 and certificate of award
1st Runner-up: HK$2,000 and certificate of award
2nd Runner-up: HK$1,000 and certificate of award
Merit prize (2): HK$500 and certificate of award
For details of the submission requirements, please refer to https://www.arts.cuhk.edu.hk/web/news-and-events/cuhk-arts-souvenir-graphic-design-competition-2021. The submission deadline is 31 October 2021 (Sunday).