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Experience sharing by WANG Yue (2020-21 MA graduate)
Why did I apply for this program: I have always loved translation but I found that my undergraduate courses rarely covered translation. So I decided to apply for MA in Translation for systematic study. During my university and postgraduate studies, I worked part-time as a translator and interpreter, localized web pages for companies, and helped students write documents for their studies abroad.
Why I didn't pursue a career in translation: I was always thinking about what kind of work I wanted to do in the future. Translation has always been my hobby. However, I couldn't imagine to take my hobby as a job in the future. I was worried that the workload would make me start to hate my hobby. At the same time, it is never too late to try more kinds of life when we are young.
How I found my first internship job: My first internship was at NetEase, doing product operations for the IELTS course. The leader told me that he valued my willingness to think and learn, and that the position was more inclined to students who were better at English. Therefore, he suggested that students could start with some internships related to their major.
Choice of my full-time job: I later went to Xiaomi and Alibaba to do product operation internships. Due to the turmoil in the Internet industry, I chose to come to HUAWEI. I recommend the translation position at HUAWEI, which is a great career starting point for translators but the requirements for the position are very high. You can practice technical translations as well as build up more vocabulary in the communications industry. I was not able to pass the test of translation, but I was able to apply for a management trainee position with the opportunity to work overseas, which is a good option. Other mobile phone companies also have such programs, such as HONOR, OPPO and TRANSSION.
I hope my career sharing will be helpful to you and I hope you can achieve your ambitions.