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News and Events
A new start filled with laughter and joy!
TRAN2070 Introduction to Translation Studies
After two years of online learning, students are happy and excited to learn and discuss translation theory in person!
TRAN6601 Introduction to Computer-aided Translation
In our computer lab, MA students are absorbed in exploring how to create translation memories with CAT tools.
TRAN6305 Consecutive Interpreting: I
While the instructor acted as a speaker, the students took turns practicing short consecutive interpreting. The instructor also gave comments and feedback immediately.
TRAN6001B Advanced Translation Studies
MA students apply theoretical concepts in translation to examine translated texts and raise thoughtful questions.
TRAN2120 History of Translation
Out of the classroom, students listened to the detailed explanations from the librarian of the rare book collections at the University Library. These manuscripts and translations were accomplished by the Jesuits in the 16th and 17th century.