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Sixth Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest 第六屆海峽兩岸口譯大賽 (普通話/英語)
07 April 2016
Tracy Tse Yat Tung 謝軼同 TRA/BA/4 - First Prize (Regional Final in Hong Kong)
- Second Prize (Final in Taiwan)
Guo Likang 郭立慷 TRA/MA/1 - Second Prize (Regional Final in Hong Kong)
Tracy Tse Yat Tung, 謝軼同, a final year UG student in the Department of Translation at CUHK, participated in the final round of the Sixth Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest held in Taiwan on April 2. She made her way into the top ten and won the Second Prize, which is the best performance ever by a Hong Kong contestant. The Sixth Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest drew over two thousand constants from over two hundred universities across Mailand China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Congratulations also to our MA student, Guo Liking 郭立慷, who took Second Prize in the Regional Final contest here in Hong Kong.