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Dr. Lidia Mengyuan Zhou is invited to an online talk held by Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
The Translation and Reception of Chinese Literature in Lusophone Countries: Past, Present and Future
Date: 13 December 2022
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Mode: Tencent Meeting (Meeting ID: 834-447-744, Password: 8645)
Abstract: With the strengthening of China's soft power, the influence of Chinese literature in the world is also gradually expanding. In addition to the classical Chinese literature and ancient philosophical thought that have been the subject of much discussion in the West, contemporary Chinese literature is also occupying a place in translations of Chinese literary works. On this basis, this lecture will take into account the translation and reception of Chinese literature in Portuguese-speaking countries, especially in Portugal and Brazil, from the earliest contact between Chinese and Portuguese languague literature, to the present-day literary translation exchanges and the outlook on the future trend of Chinese literature translation in Portuguese-speaking countries, with a focus on how Chinese contemporary literature can better be introduced into Portuguese-speaking countries through translation.