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Congratulations to the Winners! Two Students Won the First Prize!
The 4th Hong Kong Regional Final of the 9th Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest was held on 11 March, 2023 at the City University of Hong Kong. This contest gathered 15 contestants from five universities in Hong Kong. Two of our students, Luk, Cheuk Wang 陸卓宏 (Sunny) and Lee, Ho Ming李灝明 (Issac), won the First Prize and Zhang, Qiyang 張奇揚 (Caitlin) won the Second Prize. Sunny and Issac will represent Hong Kong to compete with the other winners from Taiwan, Mainland China and Macau in the 9th Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest held in Macau this May. Let's extend our heartfelt congratulations to these students for their wonderful performances and wish them great success in the Final of the 9th Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest!
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