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Internship sharing by our Charlotte Ip
Having directed the compilation of my secondary school newsletter, I developed a passion for and have since discovered in me a potential career pathway in service journalism. From early May through late June 2022, I had the privilege to join Localiiz, a local English lifestyle publication, as an editorial intern, where I experienced the surreal journey of having 15 articles, including travel guides, news and interview features, published and viewed by thousands. My background as a translation major was also incredibly valued as I was entrusted with the hefty task of translating their contributed articles into simplified and traditional Chinese for the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Nonetheless, the highlight had to be that one of my articles caught the eye of RTHK Morning Brew’s host, who invited me personally to the show.
Truth be told, as a person of self-doubt, being able to pass the written test and contribute as a ghostwriter would have been beyond miraculous. Even at the very moment I stepped into the Localiiz office, I would never dare imagine all these to happen. Who would have thought passion alone brings me this far? But it did. So if you have a dream, a passion, whether it is related to your studies, go for it and trust the process.