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Departmental Translation Competition 2022
The translation competition is an annual tradition hosted by the Translation Society. It aims to allow students to apply their translation skills to practice and discover the pleasure in translation. The theme for the competition was “Advertising Translation”, where an array of locally and globally renowned ads were selected for translation. The competition had received a total of 10 entries, with participants ranging from Years 1 to 4. We are honored to have Prof JI Lingjie, Prof WEI Ling-chia Sophie, Dr LI Li Lily, Dr NG Sheung Yuen Daisy, Dr WANG Yan and Dr WU Yinran as judges. Winning entries will be published in the upcoming departmental journal. Past winning entries and issues of the departmental journal can be found at https://issuu.com/cutra.
Below are the results of the competition.
Champion: Leung Chun Hei, Caesar (SHHO/TRAN/4)
1st Runner-up: Wu Tin Lap Matthew (SC/TRAN/2)
2nd Runner-up: Wai Shi Hua, Christy (SC/TRAN/3)
Once again, congratulations to all winners!