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Prof. Sophie Wei is awarded the position of joint runner-up of the Martha Cheung Award 2020
The Martha Cheung Award for Best English Article in Translation Studies by an Early Career Scholar
Prof. Sophie Ling-chia Wei's submission has been deemed by reviewers and the Award Committee to be of outstanding quality and therefore deserve mention as runners up.
The article by Prof. Wei, entitled ‘In the Light and Shadow of the Dao – Two Figurists, Two Intellectual Webs’, appeared in the Journal of Translation Studies – New Series 2/2 (2018), published by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It focuses on Jesuit missionary-translators in early Qing China, the pressures they encountered and support offered by their patrons as factors of control that shaped their translations. Examining correspondence and manuscripts stored in the Vatican Library and the Archives Jésuites de Paris, Dr Wei outlines the profiles of two Figurists and identifies the institutional or individual support each received. Her analysis demonstrates that the intellectual webs of their patrons not only made an impact on how each man developed and circulated his knowledge of the Chinese classics, but also influenced how they interpreted the Dao and the Dao de jing. Their translations are shown to have left a lasting legacy and to have impacted the European understanding of the Dao.
For further information, visit https://www.sisubakercentre.org/martha-cheung-award-2020-winner-and-two-runners-up/