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“When Spring Comes to the Peninsula”
Dr. Sunny Tien’s translation “When Spring Comes to the Peninsula” of the poem 〈春來半島〉by Prof. Yu Kwang-chung has been published in Renditions: A Chinese-English Translation Magazine. You may see below for the publication details, along with the profiles of the poet and the translator.
Renditions: A Chinese-English Translation Magazine, Autumn 2020, pp. 103-107
Professor Yu Kwang-chung (余光中) is a well-known modern writer, poet, scholar, and translator. His works encompass multiple genres including poetry, essays, criticism, and translation. As for Yu’s prose, there are more than ten collections, including The Left-Handed Muse (〈左手的繆思〉) and Listen to the Cold Rain (〈聽聽那冷雨〉).
Sunny Tien (鄭旭) is a Lecturer in Translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include literary translation, Shakespearean studies, modern Chinese literature, and subtitle translation.