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Our PhD Candidate Shuai Siyang recently published a new article titled “When a Missionary Became a Diplomatic Translator: S. Wells Williams' Evangelism-Politics Dilemma” in Compilation and Translation Review.
S. Wells Williams, a protestant missionary to China, played important roles in early Sino-U.S. diplomacy as a translator in the U.S. Legation. This paper analyzes how Williams’s double identity influenced his choices and situation with regard to the translation activities and diplomatic events that shaped early Sino-U.S. relations. Through Williams’s case, the paper sheds light on the clashes and compromises between religious ideas and political interests in early Sino-U.S. relations. It also foregrounds the complex identities and roles of missionary translators in the unique political and cultural context of mid-19th century China.
The article: https://doi.org/10.29912/CTR.202103_14(1).0002