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Dr. Li LI's new article
Dr. Li LI published a new article titled “'Retranslation' and 'Scholarly Transediting': New Developments in Chinese Translation and Publication of Marxist-Leninist Literature (1978–2020) ” in Research on the History of Publishing in China.
The translation and publication of Marxist-Leninist literature in China has experienced great progress over the past four decades, and has reached a new level, in terms of both quality and quantity. This article examines such progress made and sheds light on two features of the translation and publication of Marxist-Leninist literature in China, “retranslation” and “scholarly transediting.” “Retranslation” in this case is characterised by a new choice of base texts, an in-depth reading of the original texts, and a more systematic translation and presentation of the key concepts in the original works, all of which attests to the importance of academic research involved in the field of translating Marxist-Leninist texts. “Scholarly transediting” is a strategy used in translating and publishing Marxist-Leninist literature in China, which attaches great importance to research during the process of translation. With both complete collections and selective works that have been translated and published, great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the message and the accessibility of these translated works. The “retranslation” and “scholarly transediting” of the Marxist-Leninist literature, while providing a more accurate and thorough representation of the original works which is essential for further research, has enabled an enriched reading and interpretation of Marxism in the context of contemporary China.