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Internship sharing @ World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Poon Yee Man, Ravenne (Translation, Year 4)
I was a communications intern at WWF HK in summer 2020. There are two lessons from this wonderful experience I want to highlight.
First, the contacts acquired and relationships developed at internships may connect us with new opportunities. Both mentors were pleased with my performance and continue to refer freelance translation jobs to me, such as subtitles of a 45-minute documentary, the annual report, and some legal documents; even when one of them is no longer working at WWF. It is true that internships are a low-pressure entry into the field; however, it is still important for us to showcase our abilities and take initiatives at office. A good impression left on supervisors and colleagues may eventually return to you as a highly praised recommendation letter or even a job offer.
Second, company culture matters when it comes to choosing jobs. I did my previous internship at a small local language consultancy company. The work environment was plagued with overwork, low employee morale and micromanagement. Having a taste of a completely different work culture at WWF is exciting. A diverse workforce, flexible working hours, compliments for dedication and others. The combination of these elements created an enjoyable work environment, made me more motivated and boosted my productivity. It is pivotal to work at a company that aligns with your values and has positive work environment if you desire a happy, fulfilling career.
Hope you can find a job you love that also loves you back.