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Providing comprehensive coverage of both current research and practice in conference interpreting, The Routledge Handbook of Conference Interpreting covers core areas and cutting-edge developments, which have sprung up due to the spread of modern technologies and global English.
Consisting of 40 chapters divided into seven parts—Fundamentals, Settings, Regions, Professional issues, Training and education, Research perspectives and Recent developments—the Handbook focuses on the key areas of conference interpreting. This volume is unique in its approach to the field of conference interpreting as it covers not only research and teaching practice but also practical issues of the profession on all continents.
Bringing together over 70 researchers in the field from all over the world and with an introduction by the editors, this is essential reading for all researchers, trainers, students and professionals of conference interpreting.
Ms. Hong JIANG, Senior Lecturer of our department is one of the contributors to the book, as co-author of “Part III Regions: 15. Conference interpreting in China”, with Andrew C. Dawrant and Binhua Wang.”