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[30, Jun. - 2, Jul. 2022] Breaking New Frontiers: Conference Presentations from CUHK Translation at EATS 4
Professors, post-doctoral fellow and PhD students presented their research outcomes in the 4th East Asian Translation Studies Conference on June 30 - July 2 and received rave reviews. Please see the following details.
Prof. James Saint-André
The Creation of Guanxi through Translation
Prof. Sophie Ling-chia Wei
Genealogical Ties of the Dao between the French Sinologists
Post Doctoral Fellow:
Dr. Shuai Siyang
“One Man Cannot Serve Two Masters”: Conflicting Interests in the Controversy over S. Wells Williams’s Translation of the “Toleration Article” in Sino-U.S. Treaty of Tientsin
PhD students:
Huang Yi-Wei
Author, Translator, Self-translator: A Study on Eileen Chang from the Perspective of Postcolonial Translation Studies
Yan Caiping
Constructing a “Utopian Family”: Yi Jiayue’s Translation of a “Da Tong”Society and Universalization of a Family Ideal (1918-1924)