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The 9th Cross-strait Interpreting Competition
The Department is sending three outstanding students to represent CUHK at the 9th Cross-strait Interpreting Competition (English<>Mandarin) on 11 March. They stood out in the internal screening. Congratulations to Sunny, Qiyang, and Issac! Let us wish them the best of luck!
Luk, Cheuk Wang (Sunny)
“I’m studying M.A. in Translation at CUHK. Having received interpreter training in my B.A. and M.A. programmes, I recognise that an interpreter must be versatile and familiar with many topics in the global maelstrom. I am grateful to be one of the interpreters joining the contest, and I hope all interpreters will enjoy this precious exposure.”
Zhang, Qiyang (Caitlin)
“People around me often describe me as a positive person and in fact, my principle of life is “stay positive.” Music and travelling are the passions of my life. I love a wide range of music but am especially fond of classical music. My favorite composer is Debussy. I love travelling because it did help me a lot by changing my thought patterns. And that’s why I chose languages as my major.”
Lee, Ho Ming (Issac)
“Hello. I am a year-4 student majoring in Translation at CUHK. Being an avid language learner, I am on a constant quest for multifarious opportunities to strengthen my translation and interpreting skills. I look forward to meeting other fellow interpreters out there in this competition.”
CUHK students have traditionally performed very well in this competition: