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Reflection on our UNAI Journey
Our students have been serving as volunteer translators for UNAI, translating its English newsletters into Chinese to support global efforts towards sustainable development goals (SDGs). One of the translation teams that completed their project in January shared with us their experience.
“Prior to becoming online volunteer translators for the UNAI, we were rather unseasoned in terms of translation project management, inasmuch as we had meagre experience. This programme undoubtedly offered us an opportunity to put the skills we had learnt in class into real-life practice. Through ensuring effective communication amongst team members, we were able to produce articles of high quality, consistency as well as readability. We all paid meticulous attention to fidelity, since we wished to be as faithful as possible. Meanwhile, we made necessary modifications to enhance the naturalness of the articles. As translators, we found ourselves caught in this quandary and cast doubts on the extent to which we made changes. Fortunately, our team was not that adamant and was able to swiftly reach a consensus each time an issue emerged.
In addition, we have learnt so much about the goals and mandates of the United Nations, including human right protection, access to education, sustainability and conflict resolution. As these objectives align with our personal values, we are elated to see all the efforts having been put into their realization. For instance, we translated an article about the environmental issues faced by the Cerrón Grande Reservoir. We were pleased to see the “José Simeón Cañas” Central American University doing extensive research in bid to mitigate the predicaments. Nonetheless, international collaboration is warranted to eradicate the dangers that the human race is facing. It is vital to raise the awareness of global citizens and educate them. Hopefully through translating articles into Chinese, we could help Chinese citizens understand the urgency of these threats. All in all, our UNAI journey had a profound impact on every single one of us. We will continue to take heed to the initiatives of the United Nations and pass this passion on.”
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