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Our MA Graduate, Luk Cheuk Wang, Won the Second Prize in the Ninth Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest Grand Final
The Ninth Cross-Strait Interpreting Contest Grand Final was held at the University of Macau (UM) on May 21st. The event was co-organised by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of UM, the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Xiamen University, the Network on Assessment and Evaluation in Interpreting, and Macau Federation of Translators and Interpreters. The best finalists from the regions of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau joined in this grand event and all showcased how they could harness the interpreting skills effectively in different scenarios. The topic of this Grand Final is “Future Skills.”
The MA graduate of the Department of Translation, CUHK, Luk Cheuk Wang 陸卓宏 (Sunny), won the second prize of this Grand Final. He was the only one from Hong Kong region who entered the third round of this contest. The grand final gathered 24 contestants from different universities across the Strait who are winners of regional interpretation contests, and was divided into three rounds. In the first two rounds, contestants were evaluated based on their performances in Chinese-English gist interpreting and English-Chinese conference interpreting, respectively. The 12 contestants with the highest scores in the first two rounds advanced to the third round, which took the form of dialogue interpreting to evaluate the contestants’ ability to interpret in both directions for Chinese and English conversation. The judging criteria included the ability to extract and transmit information, the quality of interpretation, presentation skills, as well as the quality of communication and the overall performance. The participating students this year have performed very well and received praise from experts in related fields. Let's congratulate all the contestants and praise the outstanding performance of our fellow student Luk Cheuk Wang (Sunny)!