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Our student, Tan Hou Yuan, contributing to the website localization project for Fediverse
Hou Yuan’s words:
Localising the webpage for https://jointhefediverse.net/ into both traditional and simplified Chinese was an insightful journey. The project aimed to make the information about the Fediverse accessible to a wider audience.
The CAT tool, Phrase, was used for this project. The user-friendly interface of the tool made translation and formatting much smoother compared to directly working with source code, which can be quite irritating when there is a bunch of quotation marks and curly brackets hanging around.
Through this experience, I learned the significance of efficient tools in the localisation process. The CAT tool not only streamlined the translation process but also aided in maintaining consistency across the website. I am grateful for this opportunity provided by the department. Lastly, if there are any avid users of Fediverse that spotted some wonky translations on the webpage, please feel free to report it to the admins!