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Prospective Students
BA Programmes

The BA Programme in Translation teaches students the theory and practice of translation, providing comprehensive training in translation and interpretation, while preparing them for work as well as further studies.


Our courses can be categorised into three main groups according to the knowledge and skills outcomes. The first focuses on the technical aspects of translation, referring to general translation techniques, textual analysis and useful tools including dictionaries, glossaries and computer software. Courses in the second group offer specialised training across a wide range of genres and professions such as commercial texts, legal documents, writings for the mass media and literary works. Different modes of interpreting between Cantonese/Putonghua and English also fall within this group. The third category covers courses which explore issues in the discipline of “translation studies”using a theoretical approach and examine translation as a unique cultural phenomenon. The programme allows students to select from a wide range of topics according to their individual strengths and interests. The final year translation project, an essential component of the undergraduate programme, is the capstone course which requires translation students to integrate what they have learned.